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ONYX tail light adapter, Z-Exposer: Eagle Version

ONYX tail light adapter, Z-Exposer: Eagle Version

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"Z-Exposer: Eagle Version" is here to let you Spread Your Wings with your choice of aftermarket turn signals providing endless turn signal choices to customize your tail light cluster (And, Keep It Clean Looking!). Along with this freedom comes position adjustment of your tail light cluster so your cluster will no longer be buried under the seat.

Slide your seat into your desired position, adjust the placement of your brake/turn signal cluster then tighten the screws down holding the clamp. DONE! Your tail lights will always be in clear sight of people behind you.

Turn Signal Post Dimensions:

3/8" (10mm) mounting holes flank the center mounting point of your OEM tail light. Go to amazon and pick your favorite signals and make your bike yours. Mount your OEM tail light in the center.

Please Read:

OEM wiring should be long enough for the installation of Z-Exposer. This has been verified on a number of CTY2 and RCRs, but I cannot guarantee the wiring on all ONYX bikes are the same.
The Z-exposer: Eagle Version will not work if you have an OEM rear rack.
Follow the Z-Exposer Fit Check Image to verify dimensions prior to ordering. I want you to get a product that works seamlessly.

These parts are FDM fabricated from PTEG material, checked for precision then packaged. High quality, strong, though slightly flexible while adding durability. SS locking hardware included.

Time to spread those wings and make sure your tail lights are exposed! Safety First! :)

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