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MotoTote Carriers at Radmoto: Your Trusted Companion for Two-Wheeled Adventures

MotoTote: Engineered for the Road, Built for Adventure

At Radmoto, we're proud to feature MotoTote carriers, a brand synonymous with strength, reliability, and the spirit of adventure. Founded in 1997, MotoTote was born from a passion for motorcycle riding and the need for a trustworthy way to transport bikes. Their mission was clear: create the highest quality, most reliable motorcycle carriers to enable seamless two-wheeled adventures.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Growing up with motorcycles as a way of life, the founders of MotoTote understood the challenges riders faced in transporting their bikes. The carriers available at the time were often difficult to load, underbuilt, and posed risks of damaging the bikes. MotoTote emerged as the solution – a carrier designed by riders for riders, focusing on security, durability, and convenience.

The Ultimate Solution for Every Rider

MotoTote carriers are engineered to secure motorcycles to virtually any vehicle, accommodating a wide range of bikes, from sport and scrambler to dual sport, dirt bikes, scooters, mopeds, and electric bikes. With a design that's overbuilt to handle serious weight, these carriers make transporting your bike effortless, ensuring your adventures continue without interruption.

Trusted Worldwide for Heavy Hauling

Today, MotoTote stands as a globally trusted name for heavy hauling. Whether you're exploring new roads, heading to a race, or simply seeking the freedom of the open road, MotoTote carriers offer the reliability and peace of mind you need. As MotoTote Brand Director & Ambassador Ryan Minarik puts it, "MotoTote represents the standard for hauling heavy bikes, ensuring easy, safe hauling for all."

Choose MotoTote for Your Next Adventure

Discover MotoTote carriers at Radmoto, where we share your passion for adventure and your commitment to quality. Join us in celebrating the spirit of the open road with MotoTote – the ultimate companion for your two-wheeled journeys.

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