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wellgo FOLDING pedals - dark angels

wellgo FOLDING pedals - dark angels

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one pair of pedals.......that FOLD. yes, up into themselves, and save space when a lil space savin is required...sometimes ya got too many bikes at your garage and your buddies maxis are all over the place, or you just picked up 3 ONYX Motorbikes variants and you only have one truck...maybe you just wanna show off, ok you can be the james bond of pedals, because these slick (as in rad, because they are grippy suckers too) pedals are a mopeder's friend...

lastly, and in utmost conclusion, these are highly durable heavy thick aluminum platforms...sure to suffice when youre blastin down the mean streets of LA...chicago? new orleans?!? you choose.

ok really lastly, when folded, reduces to a MERE 60mm! spring loaded, locks in place good

standard size 9/16"
EACH pedal weighs 8.1oz
aluminum alloy
115 x 85 x 20mm
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