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Unagi Scooter, Rent

Unagi Scooter, Rent

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Unagi Scooters

Premier ulta-light portable scooter up to 20mph for 16mi

We’re on a mission to eliminate the barriers of “getting around” — no traffic jams, no expensive ride shares, no timetables, no parking hassles.

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Flawless Design

Incredible Handlebar - The magnesium alloy handlebar is a feat of structural engineering. Integrated in the top bar are the intuitive controls of the dashboard—throttle, brake, horn, and LED headlight. No visible wires. No bulky console. Just a sleek, integrated command center that connects the rider to the ride.

Superior Deck - By combining a singular piece of machined aluminum with embedded silicon on the top surface for traction, the scooter deck achieves an ideal combination of rigidity and comfort.

Custom Designed Tires - Flat tires? ​Please.​ Our 7.5” wheels are made of solid rubber and puncture proof, so they’ll never foil your morning commute.

By The Numbers

Folding - 1 Click

Weight - 28.5 lbs

Maximum Power - 800w

Maximum Speed - 20mph

Maximum Range - 15.5 mi


Scooter (before folding) - 37.80 in (L) x 16.54 in (W) x 43.31 in (H)

Scooter (after folding) - 37.80 in (L) x 16.54 in (W) x 14.96 in (H)

Material - Aluminum (chassis) + Carbon Fiber (stem) + Magnesium (handlebars)

Riding Modes - Eco 9-11mph Std 11-13mph Pro 15-17mph

Power - Dual 250W motors

Maximum Torque - 26N.m

Instant Maximum Torque - 800W

Water Resitance Level - IP54*


Charging Time - 4-5 hours

Battery - 72000mah lithium ion

Battery Capacity - 9.0Ah

Range - 15.5 miles**

Charge Power - 67.2W

Charger Input Voltage - 100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ

Battery Charging Limit Voltage - 33.6V