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ONYX Rear Rack Brake Light, Z-Tail ROME Edition

ONYX Rear Rack Brake Light, Z-Tail ROME Edition

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Z-Tail ROME Edition is a tail light bucket to allow the mounting of select Gome tail light arrays onto the ONYX Motorbikes rear rack. The assembly, when installed, also neatly tucks under the vertical bar on the rack to help prevent splash up! Two light assemblies have tested to fit, each with distinguished styles, to suit your rear-end flair! Scroll through the pictures to see how they look on the bike and what people will be seeing when you leave them in the dust!.

Due to this particular setup, the tail light you purchase will need to have its connector cut off. To connect to your OEM ONYX wiring, you may install quick connectors, you can solder, or butt splice your wiring. (Links to light and quick connector kit provided below). The tail light will also be installed into Z-Tail ROME Edition inverted in order to match the OEM angle of the rack.

Pre-existing Onyx wires should be long enough but I cannot guarantee as not all bikes are the same. Also, not all ONYX racks are built the same nor built with the same level of precision. I have no control over this but I have baked some tolerance into the design so that hopefully it'll fit for the masses! See the "FIT CHECK" picture and check your rack BEFORE ordering.

Links to Products and Installation Video:

>>>Installation Video<<<

>>>ONYX, Tail light for Z-Tail Rome Edition<<<

>>>Wire Terminal Crimping Tool<<<

It is the details, and I tell ya that really matters. These parts are FDM fabricated from PTEG material then post-process machined with my own two hands then packaged. High quality, strong, though slightly flexible for a perfect fit while adding durability. SS bolts and locking nuts included! 

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