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ONYX RCR 10A Charger, 84V 10A 20S Lithium Battery Aluminum Case Fast Charger with Cooling Fans

ONYX RCR 10A Charger, 84V 10A 20S Lithium Battery Aluminum Case Fast Charger with Cooling Fans

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Fast charging for your OYNX RCR, charging at 10A and with stock XLR connector. This is a simple plug-and-play replacement. Comes with US input plug and XLR output plug. Other plug options available but need to be special ordered. 

84V 10A 20S Lithium Battery Smart Aluminum Case Balance Car Fast Charger with AC-DC Connecter for 72V With Cooling Fans


  • Small and exquisite: The battery case is small and compact, easy to carry. it can be used as a car charger, power bank, mobile phone charger, etc.
  • Professionally manufactured: Yzpower lithium battery is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which is durable and has a long service life.
  • Multiple purposes: Yzpower rechargeable lithium battery charger is ideal for home, office, travel, camping and other outdoor activities.


Input Voltage : 110-240Vac

Frequency: 47-63Hz

Charge method: CC/CV

Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

● Small Size:205* 121 * 100mm

● Light Weight: 2kg

● Flame-retardant plastic case: Aluminum material case

● Protection function: Over voltage / Over temperature / Over current / Short circuit and Polarity

● Light, Small, Stable, High-Efficiency, Safe, etc.Precise limit of voltage & current, qualified fully charged and avoid over charge

How to use:

1. Should be checked before using the battery charger is consistent with the type of charger model is correct. If the model is not matched, charging may be abnormal and the battery may be seriously damaged.

2. Should be properly connected battery Do not reverse polarity! (Red + Black- or

Brown- Blue + or Red + Blue -).

3. Then the AC plug in the AC outlet, then the charger starts to charge the battery, charging status LED color light displayed by the top of the charger.

(The indicator of LED: red is charging, green is charge finished or prepare charging)If the green light is always on, check that the charging cable is firmly connected to the battery.

4.Full of voltage, first unplug the charger's power plug, then unplug the battery plug.


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