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ONYX Fender, Z-Creations Z-Link-to-Fender (front)

ONYX Fender, Z-Creations Z-Link-to-Fender (front)

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Ever since its inception, ONYX Motorbikes has been plagued with a community question: "Link to fender?". It was not until now that the question has been answered! I proudly present: "Z-LINK-TO-FENDER", the 1st direct-fit, bolt-on front fender available for ONYX Motorbikes' RCR and CTY2.

Z-Link-To-Fender is a 30 inch long fender wrapping the tire a whopping 135°. It mounts directly to your bike's fork brace. No drilling, No cable ties, No Duct Tape, and No Magnets required.......all you do is bolt the fender on to add Pure Style, Protection, and Clean Lines. It is very important to read the full description here and follow the fit requirements. I will not accept returns due to non-fit, or installation issues that arise if fit requirements are not followed. See that information below. I want what you receive to fit perfectly!

History of Z-Link-To-Fender:

To this date, there has been no mass-produced front fender designed specifically for the ONYX platform, so I took on the challenge, and I have been making various fenders for ONYX Motorbikes since early 2023. The design took a lot of time to achieve as I was designing a no-drilling/no-magnet solution for this platform. I have been running these fenders on in-house ONYX CTY2 and RCR for months without issue. For manufacturing efficiency, the fender is fabricated in 2 pieces, and mounted to the included under-fork brace utilizing captured stainless steel hardware.

IMPORTANT FIT REQUIREMENTS: (all requirements must be met)

  • 2.75x17” or 80/90-17” or smaller tires are on your bike. (required for fender to fit with proper clearances) Stock ONYX and 3” front tires are not compatible with this product.
  • Not rated for off-road riding.
  • Your fork brace depth must be: 2.77”+/- .02 or 70.358mm +/- .5mm (See last image for where to measure.)
  • You must possess the ability to remove and install your front tire safely with the assistance of a bike stand or similar device to install fender on fork brace.

By ordering this product you acknowledge you meet all requirements and conditions outlined above and understand everything on this page.

Do not order this product if you cannot follow/meet all requirements.

It is the details, and I tell ya that really matters. These parts are FDM fabricated from PTEG material then post-process machined with my own two hands then packaged. High quality, strong, though slightly flexible for a excellent fit while adding durability. SS bolts and locking nuts included!

The fender package is made to order. Typical fabrication/shipping timing for this fender package is 5 working days. What this means is if you order on a Monday, the latest it should ship is the following Monday. If there is a longer lead time due to many store orders, you will be notified.


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