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Michelin city EXTRA tire - 2.75-17

Michelin city EXTRA tire - 2.75-17

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new michelin city EXTRA tire!! similar to the city pro but specifically engineered to excel in wet conditions. 24% better wet grip performance than MICHELIN CITY PRO! Water Sipe Technology ensures grip and safety in wet conditions.

features MICHELIN Adaptative Design Technology, 10% more mileage than city pro! wow!

Robust and resistant ...The renowned puncture resistant construction of the MICHELIN City Pro has been optimized even further to provide even more peace of mind on everyday commutes.

these are the replacement for the classic, loved and hated and adored GAZELLE! the next in line for the tuff tire legacy!

tube type, and have a directional arrow for the way you install em on the wheel ya know!

speed rating is 38P

17" rim diameter
2.75" width
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