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Inner Tube 19" 2.5 / 2.75 for 19 inch wheels

Inner Tube 19" 2.5 / 2.75 for 19 inch wheels

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an inner tube for mopeds that's more expensive than the other ones we have. could be that these are a little better in quality, but who am i to say?

try using tire bead cream to install tires way easier!!!
Surron, Talaria, puch, peugeot, motobecane, sachs, vespa, piaggio, honda, tomos, minarelli, garelli, derbi. . .

whoaaa whoaa !! tubes for yamaha chappy and lambretta now!

** ATTN these tubes do not ever come "defective" so when you pop them because you don't know how to install a tube don't bother trying to email and blame the tube. operator error i believe it is called.**

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