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Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Scooter

Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Scooter

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Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Scooter

Upgrade from S2 Pro, perfect for long range city riders. The 48V 11.6Ah battery allows you to travel up to 40 miles. Upgrade from our best seller S2 series, 40 miles long-range, 3-speed modes. definitely one of the best long-range commuter scooters on the market today. 

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Flawless Design

Incredible Handlebar - The magnesium alloy handlebar is a feat of structural engineering. Integrated in the top bar are the intuitive controls of the dashboard—throttle, brake, horn, and LED headlight. No visible wires. No bulky console. Just a sleek, integrated command center that connects the rider to the ride.

Superior Deck - By combining a singular piece of machined aluminum with embedded silicon on the top surface for traction, the scooter deck achieves an ideal combination of rigidity and comfort.

Custom Designed Tires - Flat tires? ​Please.​ Our 7.5” wheels are made of solid rubber and puncture proof, so they’ll never foil your morning commute.

By The Numbers

Folding - 1 Click

Weight - 28.5 lbs

Maximum Power - 800w

Maximum Speed - 20mph

Maximum Range - 15.5 mi


Scooter (before folding) - 37.80 in (L) x 16.54 in (W) x 43.31 in (H)

Scooter (after folding) - 37.80 in (L) x 16.54 in (W) x 14.96 in (H)

Material - Aluminum (chassis) + Carbon Fiber (stem) + Magnesium (handlebars)

Riding Modes - Eco 9-11mph Std 11-13mph Pro 15-17mph

Power - Dual 250W motors

Maximum Torque - 26N.m

Instant Maximum Torque - 800W

Water Resitance Level - IP54*


Charging Time - 4-5 hours

Battery - 72000mah lithium ion

Battery Capacity - 9.0Ah

Range - 15.5 miles**

Charge Power - 67.2W

Charger Input Voltage - 100-240V ~ 50 / 60HZ

Battery Charging Limit Voltage - 33.6V