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HAOQI® LCD Display (Cheetah)

HAOQI® LCD Display (Cheetah)

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The larger, clearer display can show multiple parameters, including the indicators you need, and features a backlit function that works simultaneously with the headlight.


Data display: The display shows riding speed, single and accumulated mileage, riding time, power-assisted level, battery power, braking status, and other riding parameters.
Waterproof Display: Our electric bicycle LCD display has an IP67 waterproof rating and is equipped with a stable motherboard. It is not only beautiful and wear-resistant, but also resistant to high and low temperatures, making it capable of recording various riding data.
Physical control: The bike is controlled by a physical button, providing stability and easy access.


Item Type: Ebike display monitor
Material: Mixture Material
Color: Monochrome display
Cable Length: Approx. 25cm/9.8in
Weight: Approx. 235.0g/8.3oz
Type: LCD Color Screen
Voltage: 48V


Compatible with our HAOQI Cheetah series ebikes.


It is important to secure the load properly and ensure it does not exceed the weight limit to maintain safety while riding.

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