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GritShift Charging Adapter (Sur Ron to Talaria)

GritShift Charging Adapter (Sur Ron to Talaria)

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There are lots of cool things about owning a fleet of e-bikes, but having to keep track of a pile of chargers isn’t one of them. One minute you’re tripping over a pile of cords and the next you can’t find your charger when you’re about to hit the trials. Luckily, there’s an easy solution.

We created the GritShift Sur Ron to Talaria Charger Adapter for people who own both Sur Ron and Talaria e-bikes or have a mix of equipment from both brands. This charger lets you charge a Talaria battery with a Sur Ron charger – simple as that.

If you own a Sur Ron with an upgraded charger for your bigger battery and you also have a Talaria, the GritShift Charging Adapter is the perfect solution. The small cord can fit easily in any drawer or toolbox and adapts your Sur Ron charger to work with your Talaria in just seconds. 

Carrying one charger for both of your e-bikes has several advantages over using separate chargers. For one, you have fewer pieces of equipment to keep track of. And, if you lose your Talaria charger, you don’t have to replace it entirely. Grabbing a GritShift Charging Adapter is a great way to keep your e-bikes at full charge without panicking because you misplaced one of your chargers. Even better, this charger adapter lets you take advantage of Sur Ron variable charge rates and reduced charging times on your Talaria e-bike. 

The GritShift Charging Adapter can be connected in just a few moments. No complicated instructions or bike modifications are required.

Note: This only goes one way: Sur Ron to Talaria. It is not reversible.


  • Adapter connects Sur Ron 3 pin CNLINKO chargers to Talaria OEM battery plugs
  • Convenient way for owners of both bikes to minimize their charging equipment
  • Lightweight, muted design blends in with OEM equipment
  • More affordable than buying a separate charger for Sur Ron and Talaria e-bikes
  • Color-coded ends make it easy to see which side belongs to which charger


Vehicle Fitment

  • Universal fitment

The GritShift Charging Adapter only goes one way: Sur Ron to Talaria. It is not reversible. Variations on controllers, batteries, and other options and modifications could affect compatibility with your specific bike. Please verify compatibility before purchasing.

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