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GritShift 60V 2 Amp Portable Charger

GritShift 60V 2 Amp Portable Charger

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Getting stuck somewhere with a low battery is the worst nightmare of any e-bike rider. Worse yet, you don’t want to run out of battery altogether. With a GritShift 60V 2 Amp Portable Charger in your toolkit, you can put battery conservation in the back of your mind and focus on your next adventure. This reliable charging solution is portable and hassle free. In fact, the GritShift 60V 2 Amp Portable Charger is so lightweight you might forget you brought it along, despite the fact that it packs a 60-volt, 2-amp power punch.

You can fit the GritShift 60V 2 Amp Portable Charger just about anywhere. The body is just 5” x 2.75” x 1.75” large and it only weighs about 12 You can easily slip the charger into a backpack, bike-mounted storage, or a cubby in your tow rig so it’s always with you.

Have a discharged battery that you’ve given up on? The GritShift 60V 2 Amp Portable Charger may be able to save the day! Typically, a battery that routinely hits 0% charge will have internal resistance to future charge. However, we have saved multiple batters that were discharged well below what a stock charger can recover using the GritShift 60V 2 Amp Portable Charger.

This portable e-bike charger was designed to plug right into Sur-Ron and Segway e-bike batteries. The battery charger is an AC-to-DC regulated switching power adapter, able to convert 100-240VAC to 67.2VDC, with a maximum output of 2A (135W).


  • Great for recovering over-discharged batteries
  • 60-volt, 2-amp power to keep your battery full on the go
  • Can convert AC to DC with ease
  • Maximum output of 2A (135W)
  • Very portable at just 12 oz. (about 0.75 lbs.)
  • Body of the charger measures 5” x 2.75” x 1.75” to fit in any backpack or bag
  • Designed to plug into a variety of e-bikes
  • No modifications required for use with compatible bikes
  • Offers peace of mind for taking long bike rides



  • Sur-Ron LBX
  • Segway X260

This is the known and tested compatibility for this product. Factory variations, dealer options, and aftermarket modifications could affect compatibility in your specific case. Please verify compatibility to the best of your ability before purchasing.

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