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1/4in brake light switch for magura and domino

1/4in brake light switch for magura and domino

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Fits ONYX Motorbikes

 brake light switch / button for magura lever assemblies and others too, like domino!

1/4in threading x 6mm long of thread

Normally closed, I.E. when the button is not depressed, the circuit is closed and power can run through!

this is the most common type of brake switch. when your brake lever is closed, it pushes the button in. when the button is pushed in on this switch, there is no connection being made and no brake light will come on. one you pull the brake lever, the button on the switch goes out, and a connection is made.

basically, there is always power going to this switch unless you press the button in, which is exactly what your brake levers do when you aren't using them!

please be sure to double check with a multimeter which type of switch you need before ordering!

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