Winter is Coming: Why Radmoto’s Ultimate Winter Storage is the Night's Watch for Your Ride

Winter is Coming: Why Radmoto’s Ultimate Winter Storage is the Night's Watch for Your Ride

Winter is upon us, and if you live in New England, you know that the seasons can be as harsh as the battles in Game of Thrones. Like any noble knight would safeguard their steed, it's important to provide a safe haven for your e-bike, moped, or motorcycle during the winter months. Welcome to Radmoto’s Ultimate Winter Storage, your vehicle’s Night's Watch against the icy grip of winter.

Why Choose Radmoto’s Winter Storage?

Optimal Climate Control
Just like the Night's Watch guards the realms of men from the dangers beyond the Wall, Radmoto’s facility is climate-controlled and constantly monitored to protect your ride from the harsh elements and any potential theft.

Battery and Fuel Care
Think of us as your personal Maesters, tending to your ride whether it's powered by electricity or gas. We’ll ensure that come spring, your vehicle is as ready for the road as Jon Snow is for a fight.

Free Pick-Up Within 15 Minutes
We offer a raven service, free for those located within a 15-minute dragon flight of our shop. Living beyond the Wall? We can still come to you for a nominal fee.

Affordable Pricing
For just $50/month, safeguard your steed in our Winter Citadel. And when spring comes, make sure your ride is ready to roam the roads with a full tune-up for just $125!

Additional Perks
  • Hand of the King's Discount: 25% off any service or accessory while your ride is in our care.
  • Grand Maester’s Inspection: A free comprehensive check-up before your vehicle goes into winter hibernation.
  • Seers of Customization: Free consultation on customizing your ride for the battles (or peaceful rides) that lie ahead.

How It Works
  • Duration: November to April (but we’re flexible like a Reed!)
  • Billing: Monthly, because we know not everyone has a Lannister’s gold.
  • Spring’s Promise: A tune-up special for just $125!

Don't Delay, Book Your Winter Storage Today!
Winter slots fill faster than Tyrion’s wine goblet. Reserve your space in our Winter Citadel today and rest easy knowing that your vehicle is safe and well-cared for, ready to hit the roads come spring.

To book your winter storage, please contact us immediately. May your winter be short and your ride ever glorious.

Start your winter off right, knowing your ride is safe with Radmoto's Ultimate Winter Storage. Because when it comes to your vehicle, winter is coming, but we’ve got you covered.
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