Transforming Ross's ONYX CTY2: A Winter Project Turns into a Summer Dream Machine

Transforming Ross's ONYX CTY2: A Winter Project Turns into a Summer Dream Machine

At Radmoto, we're passionate about electrifying your ride, not just with our range of electric bikes and scooters, but also by customizing them to fit your unique style and needs. This winter, we embarked on an exciting project with Ross, a proud owner of an ONYX Motorbikes CTY2. Our mission was to upgrade his ride, making it not only an eye-catching summer commuter but also a model of efficiency and performance.

The Challenge:

Ross's ONYX CTY2 was already a great bike, but he wanted to take it to the next level for his summer commutes. He needed a machine that was efficient, reliable, and capable of turning heads. That's where we stepped in!

The Transformation:

Here’s a rundown of the modifications and upgrades we performed:

  1. Battery Cover Fix: We started by securing the battery cover for enhanced safety and durability.

  2. Front LED Lights Installation: Visibility is crucial. We equipped the bike with powerful LED lights for a brighter and safer ride.

  3. Controller Tuning: Customized the controller for three modes – eco, normal, and regen – offering Ross the perfect balance between power and efficiency.

  4. Front Fork Upgrade to EBR Performance Shocks: Replacing the front forks with EBR performance shocks significantly improved the bike's handling and response.

  5. Michelin Pilots for the Front Tire: For superior traction and control, we upgraded the front tire to Michelin Pilots.

  6. Headlight and Front Forks Adjustments: Fine-tuned the headlight alignment and filled the front forks with new weight oil for better dampening.

  7. Rear Ego Boost Shocks Adjustment: Adjusted the rear shocks to maximum height, leveling the bike with the taller front forks.

  8. Speaker with LED Lights: Installed a speaker system with LED lights, ensuring Ross is seen and heard on his commute.

  9. Radmoto Bag Installation: Added a custom Radmoto bag for carrying essentials like a lock and charger.

  10. Handlebar Overhaul: Fixed stripped bolts with a tap and die set, remounted handlebars to the correct position, and adjusted the accessories for a cleaner look.

  11. Upgraded Rear EgoBoost Shocks: Enhanced the rear suspension with upgraded performance shocks.

  12. Rear Rack Installation: Added a practical rear rack for extra carrying capacity.

  13. Brake Light Upgrade: Installed an upgraded brake light with integrated blinkers for enhanced safety.

  14. Front Brake Circuit Repair: Fixed a persistent issue with the front brake circuit being always on.

  15. Front Fork Bumpers: Added bumpers to the front forks for extra protection.

  16. Battery Rattle Fix: Eliminated the battery rattle, ensuring a smoother ride.

The Result:

Ross’s ONYX CTY2 is now more than just an electric bike; it's a testament to what passion, expertise, and a little creativity can achieve. It's ready to handle the summer streets with a newfound flair and efficiency.


This project was a perfect blend of technical prowess and artistic expression, embodying the Radmoto spirit. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current ride or find a new one, our team at Radmoto is dedicated to providing you with an electric vehicle that’s not just a mode of transport, but a part of your lifestyle.

Make it happen:

Thinking about customizing your electric bike? Contact us at Radmoto, and let's turn your vision into a reality!

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