The Rebirth of an ONYX Motorbikes RCR: Aramis' Journey with Radmoto

The Rebirth of an ONYX Motorbikes RCR: Aramis' Journey with Radmoto

At Radmoto, we pride ourselves on transforming electric transportation, not just through our eco-friendly vehicles but also by breathing new life into cherished rides. One of our recent projects exemplifies this mission: the restoration and customization of Aramis' ONYX Motorbikes RCR.

The Crash

Two years ago, Aramis experienced a high-speed crash on his ONYX RCR. The accident left him injured and his beloved bike in ruins. After a long recovery, Aramis faced a new challenge—finding a shop that could restore his bike and modify it to his specifications. Despite numerous attempts, he struggled to find a reliable service provider.

The Search for a Solution

Aramis' search for the right shop led him all the way from New York to our doorstep in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He had heard of Radmoto's reputation for exceptional service and customization and decided to give us a try. Our team was eager to take on the challenge and bring his ONYX RCR back to life.

The Restoration Process

Our first step was to thoroughly inspect the bike to assess the damage and determine if it was worth restoring. Once we confirmed the feasibility, we embarked on a comprehensive restoration and customization journey.

Here’s what we did to transform Aramis' bike:

  • Straightened Rear Wheel: We straightened the rear wheel and torqued it to spec with Loctite to ensure it was securely fastened.
  • Tail Light Assembly: Installed a Z Creations rear tail light assembly for improved visibility and aesthetics.
  • Rear Rack: Added a rear rack for extra storage and utility.
  • New Chain: Installed a new chain for smoother and more reliable performance.
  • Folding Pedals: Removed the destroyed pedals and crank arms, replacing them with a new set of folding pedals for easier storage.
  • LED Headlight with Halo Ring: Installed a new LED headlight with a halo ring, allowing Aramis to change the color and style while riding.
  • Handlebar Adjustments: Straightened the handlebars and rotated them for a café racing feel.
  • Front Blinkers: Installed new front blinkers to enhance safety and style.
  • Bar End Mirrors: Added bar end mirrors for better rear visibility and a sleek look.
  • Safety Check: Ensured the bike was safe to ride with a thorough safety inspection.
  • Wood Cover Refinishing: Refinished the damaged wood cover, restoring its original beauty.

Looking Ahead

Aramis' ONYX RCR is now not only restored but also equipped with several custom modifications tailored to his preferences. But our journey with Aramis doesn't end here. For the next winter project, we have exciting plans to further enhance his bike:

  • Controller Tuning: Fine-tuning the controller for optimal performance.
  • Café Racer Bars: Installing café racer bars for a more aggressive riding position.
  • Battery Connectors Upgrade: Upgrading to QS battery connectors for improved efficiency.
  • Michelin Tires: Installing high-quality Michelin tires for better grip and durability.

A Happy Customer

Aramis was thrilled with the results and shared his experience: "Finding a shop that could bring my ONYX RCR back to life and modify it to my specs was a challenge. Radmoto exceeded my expectations and gave my bike a new lease on life!"

Join Us at Radmoto

At Radmoto, we are dedicated to providing top-tier service and customization for electric vehicles. Whether you need a bike restored, customized, or just maintained, our team is here to help. Visit us in Portsmouth, NH, or get in touch through our website to discuss your electric bike needs.

Stay tuned for more stories of transformation and innovation from Radmoto. Together, we’re not just riding into the future—we’re electrifying it!

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