Revving Up the ONYX RCR: A Radmoto Transformation Story

Revving Up the ONYX RCR: A Radmoto Transformation Story

At Radmoto, our passion for electric bikes drives us to not only offer top-notch electric vehicles but also to customize them into unique, personal statements of style and efficiency. This week, we're thrilled to showcase a special transformation story featuring an ONYX RCR, owned and loved by Todd, one of our adventurous customers from New England.

The Transformation Journey
Before the Mods:
Todd's ONYX RCR came to us as a well-loved bike that was ready for a makeover to enhance both its performance and aesthetics. Recognizing the potential for a radical transformation, we were all too eager to get started.

The Customization Process:

  1. Tires: We kicked off by replacing the old tires with Shinko Golden Boys. Known for their durability and sleek appearance, these tires are not just about looks; they enhance the bike's grip and rider safety.
  2. Pedals: Straightening and aligning the pedals not only improved the bike's functionality but also its overall comfort during rides.
  3. Front Forks: An essential upgrade, the new front forks provide better stability and shock absorption, transforming how Todd experiences his rides.
  4. Rear Brake Pads: We replaced the rear brake pads to ensure that the bike's stopping power matches its enhanced performance.

Admiring the Clean Mods:
Beyond the essential upgrades, we focused on the clean aesthetics that make the ONYX RCR stand out. The custom seat tailored to Todd's preference offers both comfort and style, while the new pannier bag adds a level of practicality that makes the bike ideal for both commuting and leisure rides.

Community Connection:
A shoutout to Todd for being an amazing part of our Radmoto family. His enthusiasm for electric bikes and commitment to sustainable transportation is what keeps us motivated. It's customers like Todd who remind us why we love what we do.

Conclusion: A Call to Action
Interested in customizing your electric bike or looking for a new addition to your collection? Visit us at Radmoto, where we bring European mobility innovation to the heart of New England, offering services in Maine, Boston, and Portsmouth. Whether it’s routine maintenance, a full customization, or advice on choosing the right EV, our doors are always open.

Join the electric revolution today and transform your ride into something that truly represents you. Remember, at Radmoto, it's not just about selling bikes; it's about creating a lifestyle.

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