Reviving the Sur-Ron Light Bee: A Radmoto Success Story!

Reviving the Sur-Ron Light Bee: A Radmoto Success Story!

When a Sur-Ron Light Bee wheeled into our shop, it was clear it had seen better days. The motor was unresponsive due to hall sensor problems, and its custom LED lights were dimmed and dormant. However, in the Radmoto workshop, every challenge is an opportunity to showcase our expertise and passion for electric bikes!

From Despair to Repair

The transformation of this bike wasn't just a simple fix but a labor of love. Through intricate technical maneuvers, our skilled team managed to rectify the hall sensor's issues, restoring the heartbeat (or shall we say the "buzz"?) of this Light Bee. Moreover, the custom LED lights, previously a mere decorative feature, now gleam brightly, adding not just aesthetics but safety and visibility to the ride.

Serving New England with Pride

Our commitment to excellence isn't limited to just one brand or model. At Radmoto, we serve the entire New England region, offering our specialized services for a wide range of electric bikes. Whether it's a common issue or a unique hiccup, our team has the experience and the tools to breathe new life into your beloved ride.

Are you facing challenges with your electric bike or considering some custom upgrades? Trust in Radmoto! We're not just about repairs; we're about reviving the spirit of every ride.

Got an e-bike concern or looking for some advice? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to keep your wheels turning and adventures going!
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