Radmoto and UNH MBA Students: Revolutionizing Business with AI

Radmoto and UNH MBA Students: Revolutionizing Business with AI


At Radmoto, we are always striving to push the boundaries of what's possible in the electric vehicle market. Our latest collaboration with the University of New Hampshire’s Paul College MBA students exemplifies this commitment to innovation and sustainability. This partnership not only brought fresh ideas to the table but also leveraged cutting-edge AI technology to streamline our operations.

The Challenge: Automate to Innovate

Our CEO, Chas Sullivan, presented a unique challenge to the UNH Paul College MBA Corporate Consulting Project (CCP) team: "Automate me out of a job." Chas was juggling multiple responsibilities, from supplier product integration to customer support. The goal was to identify the most time-consuming processes and find AI-driven solutions to automate them.

The Solution: AI-Driven Inventory Management

After conducting an in-depth Design Thinking Workshop to dive into Radmoto’s workflow, the team pinpointed supplier product integration as the primary time sink. Their innovative solution involved developing a system that connects supplier invoices, ChatGPT, and our Shopify platform, enabling automated inventory translation. This system was tailored for three of our main vendors: Parts Unlimited, Parts for Scooters, and Quality Bike Products.

The Team: UNH MBA Students

Nick Awada, Allie Heiberger, Dylan Maxon, and Shamus Walsh spearheaded this project. Their dedication and innovative thinking were instrumental in creating a system that facilitates smoother, faster, and more efficient operations at Radmoto. By leveraging ChatGPT 4.0’s intuitive AI capabilities, they developed unique solutions that addressed our specific needs.

Empowering Collaboration

Working with the UNH Paul College MBA students was an invaluable experience. Their fresh perspectives and willingness to embrace new technologies like AI have set a strong foundation for future collaboration. Chas's openness to new ideas and the team's proactive approach created a fertile ground for exploration and growth.

Future Prospects

While the initial groundwork laid a solid foundation, the journey towards a fully automated inventory system is ongoing. The team recommends further collaboration with AI and coding experts along with the UNH business analytics team to refine and enhance the functionality of the solutions provided. Additionally, working closely with vendors to standardize invoice formats could further streamline the inventory process, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Conclusion: The Future of Radmoto

The Radmoto AI Assistant project represents a significant step forward in using technology to enhance business operations. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the electric vehicle market, the integration of AI into our business model is vital for continued innovation and efficiency.

Join the Radmoto Revolution

We are excited about the future and invite more students from UNH and other colleges to join us on this journey. Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly transportation solution or want to collaborate on innovative projects, Radmoto is your ultimate destination.

Thank You, UNH MBA Students

A heartfelt thank you to Nick Awada, Allie Heiberger, Dylan Maxon, and Shamus Walsh for their hard work and dedication. Your contributions have been invaluable, and we know you will continue to excel in your careers, leveraging AI to drive success in any field you choose.

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