Labor Day Weekend Ride: Radmoto's Coastal Adventure with Friends

Labor Day Weekend Ride: Radmoto's Coastal Adventure with Friends

Labor Day Weekend is synonymous with relaxation, barbecues, and spending quality time with friends and family. This year, Radmoto added an electrifying twist to the holiday with a coastal adventure that encompassed the picturesque towns of Rye, Portsmouth, and Newcastle.

I had the distinct pleasure of hosting some fantastic friends, each hailing from distinct corners of the country. Margo and David, a beautiful couple and recent newlyweds, joined from Nashville's vibrant scenes. On the other hand, Lorenzo, with his infectious energy, represented the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles. As they converged in New England, we set out to explore the best our towns had to offer atop our Aventura-X 50mph moped and the stunning ONYX Motorbikes CTY2 and RCR.

Our first stop was the Rye Motor Inn, renowned for its eclectic collection and end-of-season deals. The excitement was palpable as we browsed and bantered, fueling ourselves for the journey ahead.

With the sun high and mighty, a sweet indulgence was in order. The Ice House, with its myriad flavors, did not disappoint. As we savored each bite, stories from Nashville to LA flowed, amplifying our bond. From there, the allure of the waves at Jenness beach proved irresistible. The Summer Sessions there became a refreshing backdrop to our laughter and splashes.

As evening approached, we decided to elevate our experience. Wentworth by the Sea, with its rich history and mesmerizing views, provided the perfect ambiance for drinks, toasts, and a trip down memory lane.

Our culinary expedition culminated at the Surf restaurant. Overlooking serene waters, we feasted on some of the finest seafood, a fitting tribute to our coastal journey.

Looking back, this Labor Day wasn't just about relaxation. It was about connections, shared experiences, and creating memories that would last a lifetime. As the owner of Radmoto, moments like these reaffirm my belief in the magic of two wheels, the open road, and the joy of shared journeys. Here's to many more adventures, with old friends and new, on the winding roads of life.
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