Kayla Shows How Easy It is To Ride ONYX Motorbikes CTY2!

Kayla Shows How Easy It is To Ride ONYX Motorbikes CTY2!

Ever thought riding a moped is a daunting task? Think again! Our dear friend Kayla, who had never ridden a moped before, recently took the ONYX Motorbikes CTY2 for a spin and completely nailed it! Not only did she show how easy and unintimidating it is to ride, but she also had a blast doing it - all while unintentionally entertaining the passersby!

Starting It Up
Kayla began by demonstrating how to start the moped. It was as simple as turning the key and the ONYX Motorbikes CTY2 roared to life. For many first-time riders, this is the moment where nerves usually kick in, but Kayla remained cool, calm, and collected.

Driving Off the Curb
With a deep breath and a determined look on her face, Kayla smoothly drove off the curb. It was incredible to see how quickly she gained confidence and control over the moped.

Parking on the Sidewalk
Kayla then effortlessly parked the moped on the sidewalk, making sure to safely steer it out of the way of pedestrians. It's important to be considerate of others while riding, and Kayla did just that.

Putting the Kickstand Down
Once parked, Kayla demonstrated how to properly put the kickstand down to ensure the moped stays upright and secure.

Getting Off the Bike
Lastly, Kayla showed us how to safely get off the bike. She made sure the moped was stable on its kickstand before stepping off and giving herself a well-deserved pat on the back.

Funny Reactions
While Kayla was busy showing us the ropes, the people passing by couldn’t help but react to her lesson. One person even joked, "Is this for insurance purposes?" as Kayla drove onto the curb, causing a few people to jump out of the way. It was all in good fun and made for a hilarious and memorable experience.

Empowering Women Riders
The intention behind this demonstration was not only to show how easy it is to ride the ONYX Motorbikes CTY2, but also to empower female riders and show that these bikes are not intimidating. Ladies, if Kayla can do it, so can you! Riding a moped is a fun and liberating experience that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.

We're so proud of Kayla for conquering her first ride and for showing other potential female riders that it’s completely doable. Thank you, Kayla, for being such a great sport and for encouraging others to give it a try. Remember, ladies, you got this!

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Watch Kayla's Demo HERE

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