Back to School with an Electric Buzz: Radmoto's Special Offer for UNH & Portsmouth High Students!

Back to School with an Electric Buzz: Radmoto's Special Offer for UNH & Portsmouth High Students!

College life is all about new experiences, friendships, and of course, getting to classes on time! What if we told you there's a way to make your campus commutes not just faster, but also stylish and environmentally friendly? Enter the Radmoto's unbeatable back-to-school offer on the Lyric Cycles Graffiti electric bike!

A Deal Too Good To Miss!
Starting this school year, students have a golden opportunity: Rent the Lyric Cycles Graffiti for just $99 per week through our unique rent-to-buy program. Not only is this pocket-friendly for students, but 50% of your weekly rental also goes directly towards the purchase of any Radmoto electric bike. Prefer to buy outright? Own the sensational Lyric Cycles Graffiti for only $2,599!

Real Stories, Real Students!
Wondering how it feels to ride electric? Let’s hear from some fellow students! Charlie says, "I was a bit skeptical at first, but the Lyric Cycles Graffiti is a game-changer! It gets me to my classes in no time!" Echoing the sentiment, the other Charlie mentions, "It's not just about convenience; it's a statement. Every ride feels like an adventure." Mia, a proud environmentalist and new e-bike enthusiast, adds, "I love the freedom it gives me, and with Radmoto's deal? It's a steal! Already picturing myself owning one of these."

Why Electric? Why Now?
Apart from the undeniable fun of riding electric, the eco-friendly aspect can't be ignored. As students, you're not just the future of our world, but also its stewards. Riding electric is a statement, signaling that you care for the environment. Plus, think of all the gas money you’ll save!

For students at University of New Hampshire and Portsmouth High School, this is a chance to lead the way in sustainable travel. Be it a ride to the library, a quick coffee run, or exploring your city, the Lyric Cycles Graffiti is your perfect companion.

So, UNH and Portsmouth High students, are you ready to ride into the new school year with style and sustainability? Dive into the electric wave with Radmoto!
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