A Nostalgic Ride Down Memory Lane: Restoring the Puch Maxi ZA50

A Nostalgic Ride Down Memory Lane: Restoring the Puch Maxi ZA50

Some bikes are more than just machines; they're memories on two wheels. This week at Radmoto, we took a journey back in time with the restoration of a classic – the Puch Maxi ZA50.

The History:
The Puch Maxi holds a deeply personal significance for me. Back in high school, this was the model that ignited my passion for bikes. With no shops willing to service it, it became a personal challenge to figure it out. This tinkering and curiosity eventually paved the way for Port City 'Peds (now Port City Mopeds - a thriving business today). A business venture that not only paid for my college but also established the foundation for Radmoto.

Why It’s Special:
The Puch Maxi isn't just another bike in the garage; it's a trip down memory lane. My personal ride throughout college was a Puch Magnum moped, transformed into a full cafe racer. The memories of cruising around campus, the late-night repair sessions, and the thrill of the open road are all associated with this iconic model. Returning to work on a bike that holds such sentimental value, especially after a hiatus of over a decade, felt like reconnecting with an old friend.

Congratulations, Nicole!
A special shoutout to Nicole, the proud owner of this 1970s Puch Maxi ZA50 Newport 2hp edition. Here's to countless adventures and memories on your classic ride!

Final Thoughts:
In the world of motorbikes and mopeds, some models stand out, not just for their design and performance but for the stories they carry. At Radmoto, we cherish these tales, and it's a privilege to breathe new life into such cherished machines.

Call to Action:
Thinking of restoring a classic or looking for servicing in the Portsmouth NH area? Get in touch with us at Radmoto. We’re more than just a bike shop; we're a community of enthusiasts who understand the bond between a rider and their machine.
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