A Day of Adrenaline: PHS Mountain Bike Race at Stratham Hill Park

A Day of Adrenaline: PHS Mountain Bike Race at Stratham Hill Park

There's something profoundly exhilarating about mountain biking. The wind rushing past, the challenging terrain, and the sheer joy of the ride. This past week, we at Radmoto had the privilege to witness these emotions firsthand at the Portsmouth High School (PHS) mountain bike race held at Stratham Hill Park.

Firstly, a hearty congratulations to all the participants from PHS. It was nothing short of inspiring to see young riders tackle the course with such determination and skill. Every pedal, every turn, and every jump was a testament to their passion and dedication to the sport.

Our invite to this adrenaline-fueled event came from none other than Coach Chip, a valued Radmoto customer and proud rider of our ONYX Motorbikes RCR. We're always thrilled to support local events, especially when they resonate so closely with our love for bikes, both traditional and electric.

Speaking of electric, we decided to introduce a bit of the future to the mix. We showcased our Lyric Cycles Graffiti at the event. While no one hopped on for a test ride, the intrigue was palpable. Many of the attendees were drawn to it, asking questions and examining the e-bike's features. It's evident that the electric biking wave is catching on, and the younger generation is ready to ride it.

As we flipped through the photos from the day – kids conquering the pump track, racers in action, the PHS trailer, and the champions proudly standing on the podium – we couldn't help but feel proud. Proud of the community, the riders, and the exciting future of biking.

To everyone at PHS, especially the mountain biking team, keep pushing your limits and exploring new horizons. We’ll be right here, cheering you on from the sidelines. And who knows? The next time we meet, we might just see some of you zipping around on an electric bike!

To our readers, if you haven’t yet experienced the thrill of an e-bike or mountain biking at Stratham Hill Park, we highly recommend giving both a shot. Until then, ride safe and stay Rad!
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